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We create exclusive Hotel-Marketing

And reduce your sales commissions

Why use Bookassist

Pay less Sales Commissions

  • We understand hotel marketing
  • We use the Award-Winning Bookassist Booking-Engine
  • Bookassist is installed in > 1200 Hotels worldwide
  • We do responsive websites (for mobiles/tablets)
  • We offer Highest Conversion Rates
  • We will reduce your sales commissions


  • Booking-Engine in 23 languages incl. Arabic (right to left)
  • Strong focus on high conversion rates and mobile booking
  • Total-Solution Offering
  • Works with all PMS
  • Helps you do more DIRECT business

Savings represents Bookassist in Switzerland.

The Bookassist solutions help hotels save money by shifting their sales from the traditional OTA channels (like,, expedia, trivago) to the hotel’s own sales channel (e.g. your website). This saves at least 10%-15% on sales commission = turnover !!!

Bookassist solutions also focus on the growing mobile booking, 65% of same-day booking are already done through a mobile device (phone or tablet). If the hotel’s website is not ready for this then your customer will book with an OTA like,, etc.

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