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According to a global survey from the most requested amenity is Wifi (for business and leisure travellers) - see below.

Many guests travel with many devices and a hotel must provide a very fast and reliable Wifi network.

Our solution is small mini-box which creates a Wifi hotspot in EVERY ROOM.
This way your guests will enjoy real wireless High-Speed and not slow-speed internet access.
And the best thing is that you need NO NEW Cabling and the installation is done within minutes per room!

Our smart internet solution works over the existing TV lines so we don't have to rewire the hotel or hotelrooms.
And the hotel can decide if it wants to charge the guest for the internet access or not.

SmartModem - High-Speed Intenet over existing TV-Cables

With our special technology we can use the already existing TV cable in the rooms!
We do not need to rewire the hotel and this saves the hotel massive costs.
Our small SmartModem allows your guests to connect their devices via cable or wireless. And of course you can switch off the wireless if your guests don't want it in the room.

Also the deployment time is small, we can install our small SmartModem in 5 minutes in a room so your occupancy will not be affected.