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SmartSolarBricks are a new cost-effective product to make your hotel premises and streets friendlier and safer.

There is no more need for extra cabling, the SmartSolarBricks are autonomous small lighting cubes.

Here you can see how it works.

The solar panel is charged during daytime (even charges with little sunshine or overcast) and at nighttime the LEDs start flashing automatically.

This is one of many SmartSolarBricks we have.


SmarSolarBricks charge up in daytime and a special internal battery stores the energy to be used at night.

Installation is simple, there are SmartSolarBricks that can just be glued on any surface and others can be install floor-even as well.

SmartBricks can guide your guests even in dark night.
There is no more need for troublesome and expensive electrical wiring in the garden or around the hotel.  They can be installed within minutes.
And just think of all the energy costs you will save:

SmartSolarBricks are extremely easy to install. You just glue them to the ground or embed them into the ground.

There are no wires or special skills necessary.

For extra lighting we have developed the "SmartSolarBrick Bright" which has a strong bright light ON BOTH SIDES for better guidance!

This is extremely useful to guide traffic around the premises at night:

Makes pathways and promenades brighter and safer at night.

SmartSolarBrick can be used vor various signalisations.

Stairs Illumination.

Even in a pool!

or around the curb.....

SmartSolarBricks are also perfect for guiding traffic and driveways around your premises.