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We have a wide range of wallmounts (see below):

- very slim wallmounts (for slim flatscreens)
- fixed wallmounts (for big flatscreens)
- mobile wallmounts (so you can move around your TV)
- wallmounts with remote control (to view from any angle)
- ceiling mounts (for projectors)

SmartFlat I

Very slim and elegant Wallmount for Flatscreen TVs.
Fast Installation.

SmartFlat II

Ultra-flat (1.45cm) Wallmount for all Flatscreen TVs.
With Security System.
Fast Installation.

Wallmount WM1

Small extendable wallmount for screens up to 22".
Folds together.

Wallmount WM3

Strong extendable and foldable wallmound with 4 arms for large flatscrens up to 85 kg (65").
With cable management.

Wallmount WM 1

Extendable wallmount with 1 arm for screens up to 40ks.
With cable management.

Wallmount WM 2

Extendable wallmount for small flatscreens up to 22".
With cabel management.

Mobile Mount

For flexible TV positioning in conference and seminar rooms.


Universal ceiling mount for projectors.
Made from high-quality aluminium.
With cable management.
Height can be adjusted from  402.70mm to 577.70mm.