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Expired and worn prospects and catalogs in the room are not attractive, they are rarely up-to-date and often have to be replaced.

The new Guest-Tablet is a 9.7" Tablet and is already online when your guest enters the room. No need to configure WiFi or passwords. It displays a special online marketing page which you can change anytime.

Most guests only stay in your hotel for a few days – does your guest really want to know what is happening in 3 or 4 months??

When the guest enters the hotelroom he sees the new 9.7“ Guest-Tablet showing the following mini-website (which we do for your). Our focus is to show your guest what is on during the next 2-3 days in your hotel:

We create this page individually for each hotel.


• THE new Hotel-Directory and In-Room Marketing
• Daily Information about your hotel, restaurants, SPA, etc.
• 9.7“ Tablet always online and up-to-date
• An additional guest-communication
• Replaces all (old and worn) flyers and catalogues
• Modern and environmentally-friendly solution
• Multilingual and with hotel-specific Layout
• Upselling/Increases your turnover
• New Guest Experience
• Hotel can update content themself

Hotels can also include their hotel videos onto this page and update it themself anytime.

Think of it as your new "In-Room Guest Infochannel".