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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing – Visibility is Everything

Online, you must stand out against the noise and against competitors using your name. Protecting your brand, and making an impact in search results, social media and meta search are all critical.

It makes sense to optimise your brand online. Start today.

Digital Marketing is an essential module of Bookassist’s 360° Direct Booking Solution for Hotels, which also includes Booking Engine, Web Design, and Distribution Management.

The Bookassist advantage is the tight integration of our digital marketing services, our web design services, our booking technology and our distribution technology so that they can all work together seamlessly to maximise your hotel’s exposure and eliminate barriers to booking.

What’s achievable?

A hotel partner of ours has seen their direct bookings grow from 4% to 38% in the last 3 years. This was achieved by putting direct booking and digital marketing strategy at the heart of their business strategy rather than viewing it as an add-on to their strategy.

Direct booking is now the single largest online segment, with the largest single OTA delivering 30% or less of their online bookings monthly. A good balance between direct and OTA distribution has been achieved, and direct revenues are generating significantly increased margin.


Your Personal Digital Marketing Strategy

The customer path to purchase is very complex and your hotel needs to be visible at all stages in that path to purchase. The digital landscape has changed radically in the last few years and the breadth of knowledge now required to market your hotel is quickly becoming increasingly complex and difficult for hotels to manage. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) techniques and platforms such as pay-per-click (PPC), meta search, social media, remarketing, display marketing … the list just keeps growing!

They all need constant, expert management and nurturing AND they are all rapidly evolving at an incredible pace.

Bookassist’s digital marketing service will enable you to compete with the best of the OTAs who traditionally are consistently better at online marketing than most hotels.

Bookassist is a Google Adwords Partner Company and additionally works closely with Google and often has access to early technology releases which we can capitalize on for our clients. Our team are both Google Adwords and Google Analytics qualified, as well as working extensively with all other major search platforms such as Bing and the key local search players in each market. We will work in close partnership with you, becoming an invaluable extension to your in-house marketing team.

Grow Direct Bookings via Meta Search

The rise of meta search represents a real opportunity for hotels to capture more direct business at higher margins than that delivered by OTAs. Meta search also helps to strengthen the hotel brand by promoting and sending visitors directly to your website. Bookassist manages all key meta search channels for you and monitors ROI to ensure that your budgets are effective. Meta search is only successful if your online presence is also optimised, including Google+ and TripAdvisor listings, and these areas are also tackled as part of our meta search service provision.

Bookassist is a Google Hotel Price Ads partner, a TripAdvisor TripConnect Premium Partner and a Trivago partner, giving your hotel direct business exposure on the primary meta search channels.

Optimizing Your Web Presence

Having a responsive website is critical but it is no longer enough in today’s competitive market. SEO is continually required to ensure that prospective customers can find and book your property online. For Bookassist web design customers, our tightly-integrated technology ensures that we automatically bring the digital marketing and web design teams together from day one to ensure a highly optimised web design and architecture, and we continually review and improve it.

Your personal digital marketer will tackle all the critical areas your web presence needs to address, from technical issues with your code to content strategies and social networks, and will continue to revise this work on a regular basis to ensure you stay optimized across desktop, tablet and mobile.