9 of the Best PC Gaming Brands on the Market

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First things first, every gamer holds their own opinion about every single brand. It all comes down to your preference and the kind of components or aesthetics you enjoy. No computer is without flaws, even DIY computers — because you have to make compromises unless you're made out of money.

In no specific order, these are the best gaming PC brands for your gaming needs.



Alienware, named after the founders' fondness for the TV show X-Files, first began serving the gaming community in 1996. It's known as a high-rated PC brand with alien-themed devices such as Area-51, Hangar 18, and Aurora. The company designs and manufactures gaming PCs, laptops, and peripherals with unique designs not found anywhere else in the market.

Dell eventually bought up the company in 2006. Despite some initial growing pains, the company now services 35 countries and supports 17 different languages.


MSI Titan GT77

Most people recognize MSI as a simple computer component company. Its primarily known for supplying motherboards, graphics cards, and some peripherals. However, the Taiwan-based company also has a powerful line of gaming desktops and laptops.

Its website is helpful for consumers, splitting its computers into different categories such as gaming, content creation, and business productivity. This makes it easier to find exactly what you're looking for. Content creation computers come in the "Creator" and "Prestige" series. Meanwhile, gaming starts with the budget-friendly Codex series and moves up to its flagship Aegis line of computers.



ASUS manufactures so many computer components that you've probably seen the name more than you realize. From motherboards to computer monitors, ASUS is everywhere. It also manufactures reliable laptops for creative professionals. However, gamers know the company for its gaming division Republic of Gamers, or ROG for short.

Unlike other brands, ROG has the unique ability to utilize in-house components because ASUS manufactures its own motherboards, power supplies, and cooling units. This allows for some cohesion between the hardware when you purchase one of their pre-built computers. The components on their own are powerful, meaning if you want to build your own, ROG's parts don't disappoint.



Initially selling computer components from mechanical keyboards to RAM sticks, Corsair eventually branched out to design its own gaming computers. Now gamers enjoy the immense power of the brand's high-end Corsair One and Vengeance line of desktop computers.

The beautiful thing about Corsair is it has its own ecosystem to monitor and control different settings of its devices. All Corsair products use the iCUE software, providing real-time status updates as well as allowing you to sync their RGB lighting and better personalize your devices.


New Razer Blade 16 laptop

Razer is originally known for its gaming keyboards and mice that light up all sorts of colors. Eventually, the company branched out into the major leagues and designed its own laptop: The Razer Blade. The gaming company also manufactures its own Smartphone that runs on the Android operating system, headphones, and so many peripherals.

The Razer Blade is well-known in gaming circles as a powerful laptop with high-end specs and configurations that start out with a 13" screen and reach up to 17". As the company says, they're a brand that's "For gamers. By gamers."


Yeyian Gaming PC

This is a lesser-known brand of gaming computers that's been quietly creating top-of-the-line machines in San Diego, California since 2017. PCGamer contributing tech expert Dave James says, "Katana X10 is one of the best value Normally the RTX 3060 Ti is shipped in $1,500 machines, so it's great to see it finally under a grand."

Yeyian's philosophy is to deliver innovative products with high reliability and high performance. It does so with its many different lines of computers, such as the Katana and Yumi series. Additionally, consumers are able to piece together their own computers using Yeyian's website. Its system is more advanced than something you find on PCPartPicker and lets you choose your budget, preventing anything outside of it from appearing.


Lenovo Legion

This computer brand is best known for its ThinkPad laptop, which caters to business professionals and educators. However, Lenovo also caters to the gaming crowd with its Legion line of computers that come in the form of either a laptop or desktop. It's a solid brand that gamers swear by as far as pre-built computers go.

Lenovo also manufactures and sells Legion monitors for the gaming community, despite struggling with the global market. However, the brand revealed its 34" Mini-LED monitor on July 16, 2023, with hopes of changing the tide.

HP Omen

HP Omen desktop computer

Whether you're looking for a business computer or a gaming PC, HP helps you with that. In 2006, HP acquired the Voodoo computer brand and turned it into its gaming division of PC manufacturing. Eventually, Voodoo became Omen, and now they churn out some of the most competitive gaming PCs on the market.

Its flagship gaming desktop, the Omen Obelisk, is a high-performing computer that doesn't disappoint. The brand now includes peripherals from mice to headsets with the Omen color scheme, keeping everything on brand and uniform.

Acer Predator

Acer Predator HELIOS

Acer comes from humble beginnings, manufacturing computers and monitors for different industries. That changed in 2008 when the first Predator laptop hit the market. Since then, the company has created monitors, laptops, and various accessories under the Predator banner.

It's a recognizable computer series with very distinct aesthetic features that set it apart from other computer brands. Now the brand manufactures its Nitro line of gaming laptops, giving gamers something more affordable to sink their teeth into.

Earning a New High Score

These brands offer the best experience for gamers. Now that you know the contenders, research these brands further to discover which one best suits your needs. After choosing your next brand, expand your search for peripherals. Build the greatest gaming setup of all time so that nothing is in your way of getting a new high score.

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