A Review of the JunkFoodArcade Snackbox Micro Hitbox

Key Points

  • If you're looking for a controller specifically for fighting games, the Snackbox Micro Hitbox has a lot to offer.

  • Not only is it durable, sleek, and powerful, the keys are intuitive and the buttons hold your fingers in place.

  • I don't know that I ever want to switch to another controller for fighting games after using this one.

Looking for a controller that makes you an absolute boss in fighting games? While there's no magical controller out there to make you better, JunkFoodArcade's Snackbox Micro Hitbox does make it seem like you went through a training montage. It offers intuitive buttons that make it much easier to get the timing and correct combos down.

The price initially turned me off of this controller, but I'm so glad I gave into my inner buying demon and bought it. I've never had so much fun playing a fighting game. If you're looking for something to make fighters a little easier or to get you into old-school fighting games, you might need to give this controller a try.

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Hitbox Buying Guide

If you're a gaming enthusiast looking to level up your arcade gaming experience, investing in a high-quality gaming arcade controller is a must. These controllers offer responsive controls and a nostalgic feel that enhances your gaming sessions. Before you make a purchase, there are some key factors to consider.


Ensure that the arcade controller you choose is compatible with your gaming platform. Whether you're a PC gamer, console enthusiast, or both, you want to know that the controller supports all the platforms you intend to use it with.

Controller Type

There are various types of gaming arcade controllers available, including fight sticks, arcade pads, and retro arcade cabinets. Consider your preferred gaming genre and playstyle to determine which controller type best suits your needs.

Build Quality

Look for a controller made of durable materials such as high-quality plastic or metal. Solid construction lets your controller withstand intense gaming sessions that it survives for a long time.

Wired or Wireless

Decide whether you prefer a wired or wireless controller. Wired controllers offer minimal input lag, while wireless controllers provide the convenience of mobility. Choose the option that aligns with your gaming preferences.

What You Get With the JunkFoodArcade Snackbox Micro Hitbox

JunkFoodArcade Snackbox Micro Hitbox

Nina Phillips for Smart Screens


There's a lot good to say about the JunkFoodArcade Snackbox Micro Hitbox. The buttons are responsive, and the ring of lights around each provides just enough visibility to play in dim or no light without blinding the user.

The build quality is top-tier as well. Though it's primarily made of plastic on the outside, the controller is sturdy and powerful. Whether you're a little rough with your controllers or you plan on traveling with the device a lot, you find that this controller stands up to the wear and tear.

Though I chose one of their more simple designs, if you're comfortable paying a bit more, you have the option of getting one of their unique designs with JunkFoodArcade's artwork case. This allows you to make a controller that feels comfortable and personalized to you.

Even if you don't play PC games, this micro hitbox still has a lot to offer. It works with consoles new and old, including the PS3, 4, and 5, the Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and X, and the Nintendo Switch. If you really want to, it even works with tablets and smartphones. I've only ever used it with my desktop, so I don't know how well it does, but based on other reviews and users, it sounds like it does just fine.


For some people, the buttons may not be in a place that works well for them. Hitboxes go with a variety of games, from some old-school arcade games to modern-day fighters. Depending on what you're wanting to play, there might not be enough buttons or they might not be in the right position for your needs. You need to consider if this setup works for you, as they don't offer customization on the button placement.

If this controller doesn't seem right for you, don't give up hope. There are so many different kinds of gaming controllers out there. Even standard controllers are constantly improving.

WindowsCentral writer Jennifer Young talks about one such improvement known as Hall Effect joysticks: "Hall Effect joysticks are a type of joysticks that use magnets and electrical conductors to measure their position, distance, and movement when in use. Unlike standard analog sticks, which use electrical resistance to detect movement, Hall Effect joysticks have no physical contact between the moving parts. This means that they do not wear out easily, and they do not develop stick drift, which is a common pain point for gamers. Stick drift is when the stick starts to behave unpredictably and causes unwanted movement in your game."

Anyone that has used a standard game controller knows how often they end up drifting or acting up. This is one such way game controllers are aiming to improve. Even if a controller isn't quite the right fit for you, but it's close, give it time. You might find that they're already working on a solution.

Personal Review

I bought this product on a whim against my better judgment, and I am so glad I did. I've never found a controller that works better for me than this one, despite the few cons I found.

The Good

I absolutely love this controller. I play "Guilty Gear" with my friends fairly often. I also like just practicing the fighters and seeing which combos I'm able to pull off. I tend to be a little slow pressing all of the buttons I need to with a standard controller. Part of this is due to the size. I have smaller hands than I guess the average gamer does, which leaves me struggling to reach all of the buttons. The other issue is that my timing is always a little off. No matter how much I practice, I find it impossible to hit the buttons I need for a good combo, especially when playing with actual users.

The hitbox makes those issues nonexistent. It's not only easier to reach all of the buttons, but my timing is much better. The keys respond right away, without much pressure from my fingers, which means it's simple to glide through the combos. I now get to play my favorite characters without a problem or a lot of frustration.

The concave buttons don't hurt either. The shape is subtle but concave just enough that my fingers stay in place even during tense moments in the fight, so I never have to waste a second looking down. It was one of my worries since I often lose place of my fingers when typing and all of the buttons are the same, but I didn't have a problem at all. Thanks to the design, I found this hitbox to feel more comfortable than a mouse in my hands.

If you like "Guilty Gear" or another fighting game as much as I do, you might be curious about what the tournaments look like every year. In July of 2023, Evo announced the lineup for popular fighting games and the entrants for Evo 2023. There were a total of 2,481 entrants for "Guilty Gear Strive" which put it in second place for games with the most contestants behind "Street Fighter 6". The games started on August 4th, 2023, in Mandalay Bay Resort and lasted until August 6th, 2023.

The Bad

The only bad thing I noticed about the hitbox was upon receiving the package. When the hitbox came in the mail, the cable that came with it to plug it into my computer didn't work. Overall, this is a minor problem, especially because the company gave me a new one right away. When Hitbox already took several months to arrive, it was a bit of a bummer to still have to wait for the right cable to come in.

Getting to the Punchline

In case you aren't able to tell from the review, I absolutely love my Snackbox Micro Hitbox. I'm not the only one either. Even after searching for a while through other reviews online, I didn't find many negatives about the product. The cost throws off some people, and others have a hard time adjusting to a new controller, but that's the only issue. Most people are happy with their controllers, and if you give them a chance, you might too.

It's worth noting that these controllers are specifically for fighting games. While they do work with other games or for other uses, they might not be as useful as a different kind of controller. If old-school fighters aren't your thing, or you want a controller that works for all of your favorite games, this one isn't for you. Maybe try a keyboard and mouse instead.

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