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Can you imagine working in a world without printers? Most people can’t. Computers and other devices create hard copies of the information they store electronically. This external hardware device gives details in complex form. For example, you might be able to print a few copies of a report you have created on your computer to share with your staff members. Printing text and photos from a printer is a common task, one of the most common computer peripherals. The Epson […]

overhead view of desktop printer and laptop

Inkjet printers include hundreds of print head nozzles that move across the paper. It passes through a roller, spraying tiny ink droplets onto the paper or other medium to form pictures and text. Inkjet printers use variable ratios of yellow, magenta, and cyan dye- or pigment-based inks to create images accurately. Because of their cheap cost and ability to give high-quality photo prints and graphics, inkjet printers are a popular option for at-home or small office printing. Inkjet printers are available in single-function and all-in-one […]