Closeup of a gamer's hands on an LED backlit gaming keyboard

When looking for a mechanical gaming keyboard and a gaming mouse, many people default to Razer as the prominent brand in the market. There’s no question that Razer provides the most popular gaming keyboards and mice on the market — with the Razer BlackWidow and the Razer Huntsman series, it’s easy for people to recognize this prominent and notable brand. Razer is also what you’ll probably default to if you’re looking to purchase a new mechanical keyboard for yourself. With […]

Close up view of an LED rainbow backlight gaming keyboard, lying on table in dark room

Gamers are obsessed with keyboards. There’s no way to put this lightly — we gamers are avidly addicted to finding the next keyboard, and nobody’s forgotten buying their first gaming keyboard — the clacking of the keys and the satisfaction when you realize just how much more you’ve improved — simply by buying a better keyboard. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to find that “magical keyboard” that you want — if you’re looking for a new mechanical gaming keyboard […]

close-up photo with gamers hands on lit up keyboard

There’s no doubt that Razer is a brand born for gamers. Whether you’re just a casual, hobbyist gamer or have a professional career either streaming or playing video games, this brand has consistently delivered – without a doubt, Razer provides top-notch products that put the gamers who use this brand at the cutting edge of new technology. Finding the best Razer keyboard is an entirely more complex story than knowing that the brand name is good. There are so many […]