Jump Into Color With the Five Best IPS Gaming Monitors

Key Points

  • In-Plane Switching (IPS) monitors are the best monitors for gaming because of their excellent color accuracy amongst other things.

  • The best IPS gaming monitors come in a variety of specifications and price points to fit every gamer’s budget.

  • LG, MSI, GIGABYTE, and Acer produce five of the best IPS gaming monitors to consider buying. 

If you’re an avid gamer and gaming monitor enthusiast, chances are you know about in-plane switching (IPS) gaming monitors. They are considered the best type of monitor for gaming by a long shot compared to vertical alignment (VA) and twisted nematic (TN) monitors. Do you know why they’re considered the best of the best? Or do you know which options are the best on the market in 2023? Finding the best IPS gaming monitor for your gaming setup should be a fun process which is what this article is here to help you with.

Leap into the world of IPS gaming monitors and what makes them the best type of monitor for gaming. Additionally, enjoy looking at five of the best IPS gaming monitors available in February of 2023 that you should consider adding to your gaming setup. 

Why IPS for Gaming?

IPS gaming monitors offer gamers many advantages over their VA and TN counterparts. Here, discover all the reasons why many are making the switch to an IPS monitor for all types of gaming needs no matter what they are. 

Top-Notch Color Quality and Contrast

IPS paneling is known for its excellent color quality and contrast. This is because they have the highest color gamut out of the other panel types which assists in representing your games more realistically. Comparing the color quality of an IPS monitor to VA and TN monitors, you notice an entirely new world in terms of different colors and their stunning details.

This is what makes IPS monitors not only desirable to gamers but for graphic designers too. 

Wider Viewing Angles

A monitor’s viewing angle is the range of angles where images appear high quality to the end user. IPS gaming monitors have much wider viewing angles than VA or TN monitors which is another reason why IPS monitors are considered the best for gaming.

IPS gaming monitors make sharing the gameplay simple when you have multiple people sitting in front of the same monitor.

Who doesn’t want to see as much of their game as possible? 

Higher Refresh Rates

Lastly, IPS monitors offer higher-than-average refresh rates that are highly sought after by gamers. IPS monitors started only having a capability of 60 Hertz (Hz), but quick advances in technology made refresh rates of 240 Hz and more possible with IPS gaming monitors.

This enables gamers to find a range of refresh rates with their monitors which is advantageous to those who have lower and higher budgets alike.

Top Five IPS Gaming Monitors

Now’s the moment you’re waiting for. Roll out the red carpet, please! These five IPS gaming monitors are the best that money can buy and fit a variety of budgets. Enjoy finding your new favorite gaming monitor here.

Please note that the prices of these monitors are subject to change and are accurate at the time of writing in February 2023. 

1. LG38GL950G-B Curved Gaming Monitor

[lasso ref=”lg-38gl950g-b-38-inch-ultragear-nano-ips-1ms-curved-gaming-monitor-with-144hz-refresh-rate-and-nvidia-g-sync-black” id=”2216″ link_id=”4912″]

The LG38GL950G-B Curved Gaming Monitor is a high-end curved gaming monitor that’s perfect for those who want to splurge on a monitor. 

Its Nano IPS paneling makes it even better than normal IPS panels offering gamers even more immersion and detail. The Nano IPS panel enables this monitor to have a low one-millisecond response time which is usually difficult to achieve with IPS panels. 

To make the deal even sweeter, the LG38GL950G-B has a massive 38” curved screen which makes you feel like you’re right there in your game world alongside your character. It also comes with a 4K resolution and HDR400 technology creating lifelike imagery you can’t miss. 

Photo source: Google.com

This option also has a 144 Hz refresh rate (overclockable to 175 Hz) which is much higher than the typical 60 Hz other monitors have. You get to enjoy smooth, sharp gaming with this mean machine. 

This option is easily adjustable and comes ready to mount to your wall with Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) compatibility built right into it. Adjust the swivel, height, and tilt of this monitor with ease and let the ani-glare coating work its magic.

There’s seemingly nothing this gaming monitor doesn’t accomplish. Are you ready to bite the bullet and buy the gaming monitor of your dreams? Find it on Amazon for $999.99. 

2. MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD Gaming Monitor

[lasso ref=”msi-qhd-rapid-ips-quantum-dot-gaming-non-glare-super-narrow-bezel-1ms-2560-x-1440-165hz-refresh-rate-adjustable-arm-g-sync-compatible-27-gaming-monitor-optix-mag274qrf-qd” id=”2217″ link_id=”4913″]

The MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD Gaming Monitor is an excellent mid-range gaming monitor for those looking to get a great monitor without spending an arm and a leg. 

This gaming monitor comes built with a flat, 27” Rapid IPS display that features Quantum Dot Technology enabling gamers to see millions of distinct colors that light up their gaming worlds. Combine the Rapid IPS display with its HDR-ready screen and you get lifelike gameplay that looks like it’s popping out of your screen. 

The MSI Optix also has a low one-millisecond response time and a high 165 Hz refresh rate for buttery smooth imagery and no screen tearing whatsoever. It even has a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution to create incredibly detailed images no matter what games you play.  

Want to free up space on your desk and mount your monitor to your wall? That’s no problem with the MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD; it’s VESA compatible. If you want to keep the monitor on your desk, feel free to adjust its height, tilt, and swivel however you like. 

Photo source: Amazon.com

It even comes with Anti-Flicker technology and Game Mode to reduce flickering and pre-set the monitor to the best specifications based on the games you play. 

Are you interested in this great option? Find it on Amazon for $407.95. 

3. GIGABYTE M27Q Gaming Monitor

[lasso ref=”gigabyte-m27q-27-170hz-1440p-kvm-gaming-monitor-2560-x-1440-ss-ips-display-0-5ms-mprt-response-time-92-dci-p3-hdr-ready-freesync-premium-1x-display-port-1-2-2x-hdmi-2-0-2x-usb-3-0″ id=”2219″ link_id=”4914″]

The GIGABYTE M27Q Gaming Monitor is a budget-friendly option that still delivers great specifications for its price. 

To start, its flat 27” screen delivers a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution and 170 Hz refresh rate to give you beautifully smooth and highly detailed images. Additionally, its IPS panel and ultra-low 0.5-millisecond response time give you great color accuracy and stunning contrast. 

Photo source: Amazon.com

This monitor comes jam-packed with tons of extra features that enhance your gaming experience to the best it can possibly be. For starters, it has a blue light filter and Flicker-Free technology to reduce eye strain and keep your screen from producing inconsistent image quality. It also has incredibly easy height and tilt adjustment so you can set it up however you like. 

The GIGABYTE M27Q is also VESA compatible and has HDR400 technology to top things off. For the affordable price of $269.99, you just can’t beat it. Find it on Amazon.

4. LG 27GP950-B Gaming Monitor

[lasso ref=”lg-27gp950-b-27-ultragear-uhd-3840-x-2160-nano-ips-gaming-monitor-w-1ms-response-time-144hz-refresh-rate-nvidia-g-sync-compatible-amd-freesync-pro-dci-p3-98-vd-hdr-600-black” id=”2220″ link_id=”4915″]

The LG27GP950-B Gaming Monitor is a great option for gamers who don’t have a lot of space to work with but don’t mind spending some extra money on a great monitor.

Its flat, 27” screen comes with a Nano IPS display which produces incredibly immersive imagery that’s perfectly contrasted and colorful. 

Photo source: Google.com

The 4K resolution, one-millisecond response time, and HDR 600 Technology bring those images to life by offering great detail that doesn’t cut out or stutter on your screen. The LG27GP950-B even has a 144 Hz refresh rate to top everything off.

The stand design of this gaming monitor is truly genius, too. It’s a borderless design that immerses gamers in the gameplay and makes everything come to life. Also, enjoy this monitor’s anti-glare screen for ultimate comfort.

Do you want to make this monitor a part of your dream setup? Find it on Amazon for $750.26. 

5. Acer Nitro XV252Q Gaming Monitor

[lasso ref=”acer-nitro-xv252q-zbmiiprx-24-5-full-hd-1920-x-1080-ips-zero-frame-freesync-premium-gaming-monitor-displayhdr400-99-srgb-up-to-280hz-up-to-0-5ms-display-port-2-x-hdmi-2-0-ports-black” id=”2221″ link_id=”4916″]

The Acer Nitro XV252Q Gaming Monitor is another excellent, affordable option for gamers on a budget. 

It has a 25” flat screen with premium IPS paneling which is perfect for those looking to build a dual-monitor setup. Its Full HD resolution, 280 Hz refresh rate, and 0.5-millisecond response time deliver the finest details in the smooth quality gamers crave. 

To make things even better, the Acer Nitro comes with a 99% sRBG and HDR400 display which makes it a great option for graphic designers and gamers alike. 

Photo source: Amazon.com

This monitor is also easily adjustable and has VESA compatibility so you can even mount it to your wall.

Are you looking for the best affordable IPS gaming monitor? This option is perfect for you. Find it on Amazon for $279.00. 

Once You Go IPS, You Never Go Back

Monitor and PC product specialist for WePC expert Charlie Noon says, “If you’re looking for a great gaming monitor that features high-end performance… IPS panels should be high on your list of considerations.”

When every moment counts, and you want to enjoy looking at your games in high-definition and great quality, IPS paneling is the perfect choice for you.

After looking at just five of the top options in IPS monitors now, you’re well on your way to finalizing your perfect gaming setup with the best IPS gaming monitor. Are you ready to jump into a world of color?

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