Keep Your Desk Clean With These White Monitors

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All white desk setups are always Pinterest-worthy. The monochromatic color scheme speaks to the millennial soul ⁠— and if you add a pop of light pink, you're sure to get tons of pins. However, a white desk setup is about more than aesthetics. A white monitor can help promote creativity and clarity, while a white desk gives you literal blank space to work with for your toughest problems.

Not only can you keep your desk clean with these white monitors, but you can also spark new ideas that can help you approach your job or game with renewed vigor. Let's look at the best white monitors, why a white desk setup is ideal, and how to keep your white monitor clean after a long day.

Why Use a White Monitor?

Most computer monitors are black by default and don't add much to any office. Instead, they provide harsh contrasts or seamlessly meld into dark gameplay, helping you immerse yourself in action. With those perks, you may be wondering: why you should use a white monitor?

White monitors are brighter. They lighten up any space, helping you approach tasks and games with a fresh perspective. They can add a feminine touch to an office, improve your productivity, and help drive clarity. If you have an all-white setup, your desk will look cleaner. White monitors are an aesthetic choice, but the benefits are far more profound than skin-deep.

The Best White Monitor for Your Desk

A white monitor is an excellent investment. Whether you're going for a monochromatic look or simply want a brighter feel than traditional black, here are the best white monitors for your desk. It's an investment to get a top-notch white monitor, so identify your budget to help you choose the right screen.

LG Electronics 24" Monitor

The LG Electronics 24" Monitor is a great LED monitor if you want to upgrade your monitor but don't intend to play any games. It has a 60hz refresh rate, which allows fast-moving pictures with little blur, and the 720p HD resolution offers bright, clear images thanks to the triple XD engine.

Connect to your PC, cable, or gaming consuls using the HDMI, USB, and ATSC ports. It also includes an internal speaker system, so you don't have to connect external speakers if you don't want to. This white monitor has a thick, crisp border and a white computer stand that can blend into any space.

Customers love the versatility of this monitor. It seamlessly transitions as a small TV screen or a computer monitor. You don't get a lot of bells and whistles with this white monitor, but at just $136.99, it's a steal if you're dipping your toes into the high-quality monitor world.

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LG Electronics 24 inch Monitor

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ASUS 23" Monitor

The ASUS 23" Monitor is a great computer screen if you're looking for a partially frameless look. With more than 2,700 customer reviews and retailing at just $150.41, this white monitor is worth exploring. It has a 1080p and IPS panel. It's thin ⁠— only 0.3" wide ⁠— so it won't take up too much space on your desk.

Connect most devices with the HDMI, VGA, audio input, and DC port. The ASUS 23" Monitor features eye care technology, reducing blue light and integrating flicker-free features to prevent eye strain. This white monitor has a 60hz refresh rate and a 178-degree viewing angle, so you'll always get a clear picture. The internal 1.5W speakers provide clear sound, with or without external speakers.

The ASUS 23" Monitor comes with a three-year warranty and rapid replacement should any manufacturer defects arise. Customers love the quality and price of this white monitor. It's versatile and compatible with MAC, PC, cable, DVD, and gaming systems. It's a beautiful, crisp monitor that will elevate your desk setup.

[lasso rel="asus-vz239h-w-23-full-hd-1080p-ips-hdmi-vga-eye-care-monitor-white" id="1617" ref="asus-vz239h-w-23-full-hd-1080p-ips-hdmi-vga-eye-care-monitor-white" link_id="5383"]

ASUS 23 inch Monitor

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Samsung 27" Curved Monitor

The Samsung 27" Curved Monitor is among Amazon's Choice products in Samsung computer monitors thanks to its clean lines, ergonomic design, and beautiful picture. The white stand is glossy, adding a unique touch to your desk setup, while the curved display helps you get lost in the picture.

This white monitor features a 1080i resolution with a 4ms response rate. It doesn't have speakers, so you'll have to connect external ones if you plan on listening to any sounds while in use. There is an HDMI input to connect your favorite gaming console for a seamless experience. Customers love this big, refurbished monitor because of its looks and performance. The resolution is clear, and this white monitor is easy to set up.

It retails for $221.88, so while it's a little more expensive than other 1080p screens, you get outstanding performance from a trusted brand name when choosing this white monitor.

[lasso rel="samsung-27-curved-monitor-model-lc27f391fhnxza" id="970" ref="samsung-27-curved-monitor-model-lc27f391fhnxza" link_id="5384"]

Samsung 27 inch Curved Monitor

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Samsung 27" Slim Curved Monitor

Another top-notch product from Samsung is the Samsung 27" Slim Curved Monitor, which features a 1080p, full HD picture. Its AMD FreeSync compatible, processing most graphic cards without lag or blur. Connect your favorite devices with HDMI and VGA ports, and if you prefer to mount the screen, simply remove the white stand.

This white monitor has a 60hz refresh rate, so you want to be careful of what type of games you play. It may not be the best with fast-paced games, and you may experience some lag and blur. The vivid picture will make up for it, helping you experience the deepest of blacks and the brightest of whites with ease.

The Samsung 27" Slim Curved Monitor features eco-saving plus, which helps to save power and reduce your energy use. The curved screen has an anti-glare coating to view from all angles without strain. Retailing at $269.99, this white monitor is great if you're looking for a mid-price, all-purpose monitor.

[lasso rel="samsung-27-curved-1080p-full-hd-ultra-slim-computer-monitor-amd-freesync-hdmi-vga-4ms-vesa-mountable-nly-hdmi-cable-white" id="971" ref="samsung-27-curved-1080p-full-hd-ultra-slim-computer-monitor-amd-freesync-hdmi-vga-4ms-vesa-mountable-nly-hdmi-cable-white" link_id="5385"]

Samsung 27 inch Slim Curved Monitor

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Samsung SH850 Series 24" Monitor

The Samsung SH850 Series 24" Monitor is among Amazon's Choice products, thanks to its high-quality picture, versatility, and a three-year warranty. Connect any devices using the display, HDMI, and USB-C ports, and it even allows you to daisy chain devices to reduce unsightly cord clutter. The white stand is fully adjustable, helping you get your perfect desk set up without strain.

This white monitor features a 60hz refresh rate so you can bring your work to life. Customers love the matte display, white design, and clear picture. If you want to mount it, remove the stand and use a VESA mount for the best result.

This white monitor retails for $349.99, so it's an investment, but it's worth checking out if you are looking for a sophisticated 1440p monitor. It also comes in 27" without USB-C ports, but prices will vary.

The Samsung Magic Upscale and AMD FreeSync help promote the best picture quality while reducing eye strain for long-lasting use. Customers love this versatile white monitor and its customizable settings. It's an excellent monitor for the price, backed by a brand you can trust.

[lasso rel="samsung-sh850-series-24-inch-wqhd-2560×1440-computer-monitor-display-port-hdmi-usb-c-height-adjustable-stand-3-yr-wrnty-ls24h851qfnxza-white" id="972" ref="samsung-sh850-series-24-inch-wqhd-2560×1440-computer-monitor-display-port-hdmi-usb-c-height-adjustable-stand-3-yr-wrnty-ls24h851qfnxza-white" link_id="5386"]

Samsung SH850 Series 24 inch Monitor

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Why a White Desk Setup Is the Best Setup

A white monitor is essential for a distraction-free setup, but have you considered a fully monochrome look for your desk? Now, a white desk setup is a commitment. You must make an effort to keep it neat and clean for the best results, but in the end, you'll be happy with your fresh office look. White space has many benefits, whether working or gaming, so let's explore the top benefits.

It Looks Cleaner

The harsh black outline of the monitor and gaming PC may blend with nighttime games, but the white monitor will help keep fresh lines around your game. Also, your desk set up will look cleaner, and keeping it clutter-free will give you the feeling of having a bigger workstation than you do. You'll appreciate the tidier look and feel from a white desk to a white mousepad and everything in between.

It Drives Clarity

Feng Shui is an ancient practice. You organize your space to help promote the ideal energy, and your desk is no different! The material and color you choose for your desk say a lot about your subconscious workstyle. White metal desks can help drive efficiency and clarity, which are important for your path. Whether your white desk is for work or fun, you'll set yourself up for success.

It Improves Productivity

Once you remove the distractions from your desk, it's easy to get down to work. Your productivity will bloom when you invest in a white desk setup ⁠— and take the time to maintain it. No desk will magically make your work better, but when you make meaningful steps to improve your productivity, you will start to notice a difference.

A standing desk promotes focus, preventing you from twisting in your white desk chair. When you systematically organize and remove clutter from your desk and life, you can see with clarity the path forward. White desks just help with a blank space to jumpstart your creativity.

How To Keep Your White Desk Set Up Clean

Now that you have the perfect white desk space, you need to keep it clean. After all, what use is a fresh space if cluttered by stuff? One of the best tips is to keep cleaning supplies near your desk to handle any quick messes and prevent stains. That's just the beginning. Your white space will stay pristine if you follow these five tips.

Getting in the habit of cleaning your desk daily will help you start and end each day with a blank slate, unburdened by yesterday's troubles.

Clean Your Desk Off Every Night

After a vigorous gaming session or a long day at work, take 5-10 minutes to clean up your setup at the end of the day to clean up your setup. Throw away any trash. Put coffee cups or water bottles in the dishwasher or garbage. Wipe up any rings on your surface with a disinfecting wipe. If you must keep any notes or papers, organize and stack them neatly. Digitize what you can and file them. Have a proper and systematic organization system.

The purpose of this routine is two-fold. First, you're symbolically ending your day with this ritual. It's easy to open our laptops and keep working, especially if we work from home, but when you clean up everything, you remind yourself the day's over. Then, in the morning, you can start your day with a clear mindset, uncluttered by yesterday's mess. It's a win-win, so get into the habit of cleaning up after yourself.

Remove Digital Clutter

Your digital setup is just as important as your physical space, so you'll want to keep your desktop free from digital clutter. There are few things more stressful than being unable to locate a document. You know you've saved it somewhere, but your desktop and organization system is a mess, hindering your productivity. As you clean off your desk from clutter, consider doing the same for your desktop regularly.

Wipe Down Your Monitor

You don't notice how dirty your laptop screen is until someone else looks at it, so avoid the embarrassment by wiping down your white monitor with a dry microfiber cloth. If you have a particularly stubborn spot, spray the microfiber cloth with a cleaning solution, white vinegar, or glass cleaner. Make sure that you use cleaning products that are computer safe to prevent any unintentional damage ⁠— and more importantly, they'll prevent annoying streaks from your screen. Wring out the excess moisture before wiping your monitor.

White monitors pick up everything and show smudges and dirt more than other monitors, so once you train yourself to wipe it down consistently, your white monitor will stay looking clean day after day. You can also use these cloths to wipe your desk before deep cleaning it.

Clean Your Keyboard

We all have a terrible habit of working through lunch, eating over our keyboard as we crunch numbers or take down enemy combatants. It's easier to grab something quickly than step away, but all those crumbs get stuck in your keyboard ⁠— you don't even notice until your keys start sticking, which can impact your performance and productivity.

Use compressed air regularly to get dust and food from your keys, holding the keyboard at an angle to get in deep. Turn on your desk lamp to see if you've missed anything. Shake out the excess over a trash can, and you'll be as good as new in no time.

Remove All Distractions

It can be tempting to clutter your desk space with pictures, motivational quotes, notebooks, pens, and so on. There are so many cute office supplies that it can be hard to show restraint; after all, you may think that if you have the perfect setup, you can work at optimal productivity. Unfortunately, a lot of this stuff becomes distracting.

You'll find yourself absent-mindedly straightening your desk space or clicking pens instead of doing the work. When you remove all distractions from your workspace, you'll find yourself able to focus with a clear mind. Remember, you're not a machine, so you're not expected to be productive 100 percent of the time. Give yourself breaks to promote creativity. If you're stuck at a hard spot in the game, walk away. If you cannot find a solution to a challenging problem, take five minutes. The distance will help you return with a fresh perspective.

Smiling businesswoman working on a computer and drinking coffee

So, Is the White Monitor Hype Worth It?

Yes! A white monitor is a great first step as you're looking to clean up your desk setup. The white borders are distraction-free, providing clean lines that separate your work from your real life. They are easy to clean and look fantastic on any desk setup.

White monitors also have fantastic performance metrics, so you can choose one that best meets your needs. From 1080P to 4K, pick a monitor that matches your lifestyle and your PC performance for the best results. Your desk setup will be clean, tidy, and ready to take on all challenges with a fresh perspective.

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